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John's Island:

Not ready for a whole keg yet? Our cold brew coffee is also sold at several locations around Charleston. Stop by, grab a growler and enjoy!

Barista Vending in Charleston

Mt. Pleasant:

        Barista Vending's COLD BREW COFFEE is            waking up, and keeping up, the Low Country.

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Nope, it's our new NITRO coffee.

Same great coffee            but with a creamy head that is sure               to tickle your                                                               taste buds.

Coffee will never be the same.

Our coffee may not need    any cream or sugar, but it sure tastes great with it.*

We sell our delicious cold brew coffee WHOLESALE, in kegs.   But don't worry, we provide the kegerators as well, making Barista Vending the perfect solution for all your resale, office, event and catering needs.

*Disclaimer: it will no longer be the mere   5   calories per serving


The result is a clean, refreshing cold brew coffee with plenty of "kick" to get you through your day.

At Barista Vending,

we provide the very finest cold brew coffee. Our beans are responsibly sourced all the way from Brazil, roasted to perfection right here in Charleston, SC, and then brewed, ever so slowly, over the next 18 hours...

Is that a beer?

The best part?  

It's only one tap pull away.


The Cold Brew Truth

When coffee is brewed hot, certain oils in the coffee bean are broken down and create a bitter taste. That is the reason many people choose to have cream and sugar with their coffee.

When coffee is brewed cold, those oils stay put, and the acidity is reduced by as much as 67%. That's great news for your stomach lining, tooth enamel and breath mint budget!​

Need a hot cup of coffee to warm you up on a cold  winter's morning? Cold brew coffee can quickly, and easily, be heated to give you that needed warmth while maintaining its great taste.

 Organically grown, locally roasted...